I am a control systems and robotics engineer, who currently makes his home in Miami. I’m interested in technology (especially things like mobile robots) which operates in remote, unstructured environments. I’ve pursued my interests to the north (Greenland), south (Antarctica), and the depths of the oceans (at least the robots went there). Next stop, outer space. 

I’m currently a partner in Frontier Astronautics, LLC. Our goal is to create new, low-cost, robust technologies to allow everyone to have access to outer space. We contend that, right now, astronauts are basically riding government-funded Lamborghinis into space. What if we replaced each of those with a few dozen commercial pick-up trucks or economy sedans? Soon, we’d be able to make the dream of space travel real for everyone.

Here’s some more information on where I’ve been and what I’ve done:

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Kristof Richmond